Talk Trek Reunion Show – 2012

As you are all aware, it had been a while since we last released an episode of Talk Trek.  Last week, before the release of Episode 52, we decided to sit down amongst the four of us and discuss some random topics from 2011.  Hopefully 2012 turns out better from a Talk Trek perspective than 2011 did.


Live Long and Talk Trek!

Episode 52 – The Omega Glory

We’re back!  It’s been far too long, but we’ll make it up to you.  This episode was recorded back in August, 2010 (we think), so a lot of what we’re talking about might be a tad dated.

The Enterprise discovers the derelict starship Exeter drifting in space, its entire crew killed by an unknown plague.

Some products and ideas mentioned in this episode:
Starship classes
Salty people
War of 1812

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Live Long and Talk Trek!