Episode 42 – Obsession

First Talk Trek of the new year!  Can’t wait until we make the switch to stardates though.

It’s Star Trek meets Twilight meets Moby Dick when a survey of Argus X brings the Enterprise crew in confrontation with a vampiric cloud that killed a crew Kirk was on years ago, captained by the father of an ensign currently assigned to the ship.

Some products and ideas mentioned in this episode are as follows:
Non-directional beacons – our sponsor
Ensign Rizzo
Enterprise-like putter
Moby Dick
Blue Number Nine – our musical guest from Mevio’s Music Alley

Talk Trek invites you to enjoy some shore leave at Memory Gamma for a great Star Trekexperience!  And while you’re docked, check out the great Talk Trek banners they put up for us!  Thanks, Memory Gamma!

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Live Long and Talk Trek!

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