Listener’s Choice 1 – Yesterday’s Enterprise

You asked for it, we delivered!  The winner of our Listener’s Choice lotto is Daniel N!  But don’t we all really win since N’s pick was Yesterday’s Enterprise?  Get a taste of Talk Trek: The Next Generation today!

A temporal rift opens, and the USS Enterprise-C emerges, changing the timeline into a reality where the Federation is in a bitter war with the Klingon Empire. The only one on USS Enterprise-D that realizes that something is not right is Guinan, and she must help return the Enterprise-C to its proper time in order to save themselves.

The Talk Trek crew dedicates this episode to Majel Barrett-Roddenberry who died on December 18, 2008.

Some products and ideas mentioned in this episode are as follows:
Ground lamb – Our sponsor
Talk Trek Blog – Our blog
Shooter McGavin
Star Trek dubbed in German

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Live Long and Talk Trek!!!

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