Episode 33 – Mirror, Mirror

Oh, how much do we love parallel universes?  Let us count the ways… Bearded Spocks… Wonderfully dressed Uhuras…  Vixens with beauty…  I’m sure we could all live in this new reality.  Or could we?  In Mirror, Mirror, a transporter malfunction sends Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura into a parallel universe, where in lieu of the Federation, a despotic Earth-centered galactic empire exists!

Join us as we boldly enter this new reality with its new rules and new dress!  There shall be no agonizer strong enough to stop us!

Some products and ideas mentioned in this episode are as follows:
Wollersheim Winery Wine List – Our sponsor
To Serve All My Days – Walter Koenig stars in Star Trek Phase II
The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
Haggis Recipes
American Sailing Association
London & Paris Etiquette Finishing School
Homo Logicus
Space Penis

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