Talk Trek News – Episode 1

Listen in on our first audio newsletter! Though Clankfu is on shore leave, Njord4, NewPowerSoilMan (sic), and the Von discuss a few items of interest:
Unveiling of the Listener’s Choice
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Upcoming Star Trek convention in Las Vegas
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Live Long and Talk Trek!

Episode 29 – Operation: Annihilate!

We’ve come to the season finale of Talk Trek!  Star Trek’s last show of season one is a blast, an operation fraught with danger and a little bit of malaise on the side.  But have no fear; the crew of the Enterprise can tackle any undertaking.

In this episode, the Deneva colony is attacked by neural parasites that cause mass insanity while the crew of Enterprise search for a way to stop them.

Join us as we venture deep into the dark chasms of not only space, but our minds as well.  We shall search the depths of our soul in an attempt to convincingly judge right from wrong as we debate the demerits of democracy and oddly-filled nets of lard.

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Live Long and Talk Trek!