Episode 4 – The Naked Time

Welcome back to Talk Trek! This week the Enterprise crew catch a virus that removes their inhibitions… Our hailing frequencies are open at talktrek@gmail.com. *On a side note: An unedited version of Episode 3 was mistakenly released last week. You might want to re-download our deluxe edited version to complete your Talk Trek library.

Episode 3 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

The long anticipated third show is finally here! This was the first episode produced for the Star Trek series – Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Captain Kirk worries when his friend, Gary Mitchell, is transformed by the galaxy’s edge into a powerful being, endangering the Enterprise.

As always, please share your comments or suggestions. We’re always listening at talktrek@gmail.com.

Live long and Talk Trek!

Episode 2 – Charlie X

Come join us for our second show, Charlie X!

The Enterprise takes 17-year-old Charles Evans aboard for transport after he spent 14 years alone on a deserted planet.  When he’s unable to interact with his fellow humans, a deadly secret is revealed.

Tell us what you like.  Tell us what you don’t.  Until next time, live long and Talk Trek.

Star Trek Convention Synopsis

This past weekend, Damien and I attended the 40th anniversary Star Trek Convention in Chicago.  We’ve recorded a convention synopsis with some family and friends so that all of you could get the inside scoop!  Find out what really happened at the convention instead of what is printed in the paper!

Live Long and Talk Trek!

Episode 1 – The Man Trap

Boldly listen to our first episode, The Man Trap.  A monster threatens the crew – in need of something that each of us has.  Let us know what you think, and until we talk trek again, live long and prosper.

Introduction to Talk Trek

This is a quick introduction podcast to Talk Trek.  Here we introduce the members of Talk Trek:

Njord4 (aka Erik)
Damien (aka NewPowerSoulMan)
Pete the Vontresc
Jim (aka Clankfu)
We also talk a bit about the show and how it will be conducted.